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The weQuit App from NiQuitin

Quitting smoking is hard. That's why we made the weQuit app easy to use, intuitive and free. A lot of science bundled with a lot of support make this app a great addition to any quit attempt.
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Discussion Forum

We, the NiQuitin Team, are sorry to inform you that due to technical issues we’ve decided to remove the discussion forum from our website.

However we are pleased and excited to inform you that we have Launched our New Behavioural Support App, weQuit, which allows you to personalise a quit plan, play games, set reward challenges and join quit teams to help keep you distracted from your cravings.

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Distract Me!

Managing your cravings is difficult, particularly when you’re trying to keep occupied. Inevitably your mind strays to that next cigarette.

Cash Calculator

Do you know exactly how much you spend on cigarettes? Find out for sure with our cash calculator. It’ll show you what you’ll save in both the short and long term by quitting. Then you can start thinking about what you'll do with all the extra money