NiQuitin QuitMasters: The Online Support Programme

What is NiQuitin QuitMasters?

NiQuitin QuitMasters is our online support programme that can help you to be better prepared to fight your smoking temptations. This free programme allows you to track, target and tame your moments of temptation and gives you a complete tailored toolkit of support, motivation and advice.

If you do happen to stumble, NiQuitin QuitMasters will be here to help you get back on track. So no matter where, when or why you get the craving to smoke, you can always be ready to fight temptation.

Why join NiQuitin QuitMasters?

  • You can create your own tailored stop smoking plan with personalised tools and advice to help you succeed
  • Keep track of your moments of temptation
  • Understand why, when and where you are tempted to smoke
  • Find motivating articles about quitting smoking
  • Play challenging games to distract you from temptations

So, what are you waiting for? Join NiQuitin QuitMasters now and start fighting the temptations that make you want to smoke.

Everyone’s quit journey is different. Whatever your approach, NiQuitin QuitMasters has the tools and advice you’ll need. It’s tailored to meet your individual needs, so it’s a perfect partner for anyone on a journey towards becoming smoke-free.

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