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Quitting doesn’t have to be all or nothing - why don’t you try quitting one cigarette at a time?

Quitting smoking or reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. Not only are you fighting a physical addiction, you’re also fighting a psychological addiction to break the habit. But we believe you can reach your goal.

If you've got your eye on the summit, the climb can seem quite daunting. But if you're focused on getting to the next base camp, suddenly it's a lot less scary. NiQuitin applies the same principle to your quitting journey. Rather than adopt an all or nothing approach, we encourage you to break it down into manageable steps. This means you can take it one cigarette at a time. Whatever it is, if you see your journey as a series of short-term goals instead of a long term goal, you may be giving yourself a more realistic chance of beating cigarettes.

Every time you say no to a cigarette, celebrate a win!

It’s a great feeling when you’ve passed on that “cigarette with a coffee” or that “cigarette with a pint”. Each win is a small but significant step that gives you the confidence to keep going. Ultimately, we want you to go from one little win to another till you've reached your goal.

Breaking your quit journey down in to manageable steps can help you reach your goal, why not try approaching it one cigarette at a ti

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Quitting can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Quitting one day at a time can help break your journey into manageable steps.

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The weQuit App

Quitting smoking is hard. That's why we made the weQuit app easy, it's simple-to-use, supporive and free, Download weQuit by NiQuitin today.


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