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If you’re worried about the effects smoking can have on your skin, quitting smoking could be the first step to slowing down further damage to your skin.

Every puff on a cigarette puts 4,000 different chemicals into your body. Studies show that smoking can make you look older. One study showed that smokers of more than 20 cigarettes a day were three times more likely to wrinkle prematurely than non- smokers, and was more pronounced in women. For those who are concerned about looking older, quitting should be at the top of the 'to do' list.

In the long term, smoking is linked to the development of crow's feet, vertical furrows above the lips and lots of fine wrinkles on the cheeks. The constriction of blood vessels also leads to broken capillaries and the skin being deprived of oxygen, causing it to look thinner and have a greyish colour.

Keeping your skin looking younger

There are plenty of wrinkle treatments and anti-aging creams out there, but if you're a smoker then one of the best things you can do is quit. Once you've quit your skin should start to look brighter and younger than if you had continued to smoke. That’s because the levels of oxygen in your body will return to normal and your circulation will improve. Stopping smoking has been found to slow facial ageing and delay the appearance of wrinkles. You'll slow the formation of wrinkles around your mouth and eyes, and your eyes themselves can look brighter. The staining on your teeth and fingers can stop and your breath, hair, clothes and home can all smell better.

There are lots of different strategies to quitting. This site has plenty of advice to help you find a way to quit that best suits you. If you'd like to use NiQuitin products to help you on your quit journey, head to the products section for details on what NiQuitin options may be available to you.

If you’re worried about the effects smoking can have on your skin, quitting smoking could be the first step to slowing down the aging process.

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