Managing your cravings is difficult but NiQuitin can help make it easier whether you want to quit one day at a time or quit one cigarette at a time.


NiQuitin PRE-QUIT Patch

  • Eases you into your quit as it allows you to smoke as needed for 2-4 weeks until quit day
  • May help make quitting easier by making smoking less rewarding
  • PRE-QUIT followed by the step down patch programme is the most effective approach to quit using patches*
  • *Smoke as needed while wearing a patch 2-4 weeks before quit day


NiQuitin Patches – available in clear or opaque

  • Once daily application for effective craving protection, can be used as part of a 10 week step down programme to quit
  • NiQuitin Patches with unique Smart Control® Technology, provide a rapid release followed by a continuous delivery of nicotine
  • You can choose to wear it for 16 or 24 hours


NiQuitin Minis Lozenges

  • On-the-go craving relief when you feel the urge to smoke
  • NiQuitin Minis Mint 4 mg Lozenges relieve cravings in minutes
  • Dissolve fast in the mouth
  • Pocket-friendly pack, by your side when you need them



  • The first and only licensed nicotine oral strip that starts to relieve your urge to smoke in 50 seconds.
  • NiQuitin Strips dissolve on your tongue fast and release nicotine fast, all with a fresh, minty flavour.
  • NiQuitin Strips fully dissolve in approximately 3 minutes, providing quick, discreet relief when you need it.


NiQuitin Gum – available in mint flavour

  • On-the-go craving relief when you feel the urge to smoke
  • Chew a gum to help relieve cravings