Dan holding his child after quitting smoking

"I’m so proud I gave up smoking for him"

"I wanted a way to successfully quit smoking when I realised I was going to be a dad. With the help from NiQuitin Patches, NiQuitin Minis and a lot of willpower I succeeded.

Today I have a new son and I’m back to living life to the full."


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Daniel chose niquitin.

for an unbeatable way to quit*

Daniel combined NiQuitin Patches with NiQuitin Minis as it provides a system of craving
management that helps throughout the day and at those times when cravings strike.

Niquitin Patch

NiQuitin Clear Patch

24 hour control

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Niquitin Minis Lozenges

NiQuitin Minis Lozenges

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