British Lung Foundation and NiQuitin Partner to Tackle Air Pollution

Air pollution is a problem that requires immediate attention. It can lead to the development of new lung conditions and further complicates existing ones1. Recent studies have even suggested that living in London is the equivalent of smoking three cigarettes a week2. This story rings true for many major cities across the country. So, we want to help and be part of the solution.

NiQuitin have teamed up with the British Lung Foundation to help raise awareness of the importance of lung health and shine a light on the risks of air pollution. Together, we hope to help the nation breathe easier.

What does clean air really mean?

Covid-19 may have uprooted much of our lives in 2020 but there was one small positive to be taken from the year. With less traffic on the roads and more people at home, we managed a glimpse at what living with clean air is really like.

As the levels of air pollution reduced around towns and cities, the British Lung Foundation reported that one in six people living with a lung condition had noticed an improvement in their condition.

As air pollution increases again, and will likely continue to do so, it’s important to ensure this conversation remains front and centre. Driving policy makers to take every effort to protect those at risk.

Taking action on air pollution

At NiQuitin, we regularly talk about the importance of quitting smoking for a healthier body. This is still important to us, however when we talked to the British Lung Foundation and heard about the impact that air pollution is having, we wanted to help. This is why we’ve joined forces to take a stand against air pollution.

Together, we plan to:

  • Provide better information and data on air pollution
  • Empower individuals to take action and protect vulnerable people from the harmful effects of unclean air in the UK
  • Encourage people to take up forms of active transport including physical activity in order to improve their lung health

Keep an eye on the British Lung Foundation’s social media channels and website to find out more about our work together over the course of the year.

“We are very excited to be partnering with NiQuitin, as more than ever we need to take action on air pollution. Our partnership will help us to work towards our overall mission that one day everyone will be able to breathe clean air with healthy lungs.”

Bernie Nolan, Head of High Value Partnerships at British Lung Foundation

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