Benefits of Quitting Smoking — Skin Improvement and Ageing

If you didn’t already know this, smoking leaves its mark on the way you look. Over the years, your teeth will yellow, your fingers and nails will become stained, your clothes will smell and, if you’re a man, you might even lose your hair !

However, perhaps the most universal and apparent way smoking affects everyone is through your skin. Smoking causes premature wrinkles, sagging flesh, skin staining, and it alters the natural tone of your skin as your body struggles to use oxygen efficiently. Overall, this will leave your skin looking grey and lethargic.

However, don’t despair, quitting smoking can improve your skin in a variety of ways, and once you’ve stopped, your skin can start the road to recovery. But what kinds of skin improvements can quitting smoking bring? Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of stubbing out that last cigarette and how your skin recovers after quitting smoking.

Stop Smoking — Skin Benefits

When it comes to ageing, smoking has a big part to play in making you look old before your time. Smoking affects your circulation, your blood vessels become narrower, decreasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Additionally, collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep your skin both firm and elastic, are significantly reduced by smoking.

This means wrinkles such as crow’s feet and wrinkled lips, plus sagging skin around the neck and even the arms and breasts. It also means more wrinkles across your entire face, particularly around the mouth, alongside loose skin around the face, neck, and other areas.

When you quit, while wrinkles that have developed may not disappear entirely, you can expect your skin to recover to some extent over time. In fact, your skin will improve after quitting smoking in a matter of days as the collagen and elastin renew themselves—giving you a motivational boost as you battle with the cravings.

Additionally, a combination of reduced oxygen and the thousands of chemicals contained within cigarettes often leaves smokers looking pale, with discolouration of the skin, and can lead to age spots. Quitting today can help you bring back that healthy glow, while one of the other skin benefits of stopping smoking is that your face and fingers will no longer be stained by tar.

Finally, while almost everyone is already aware of the serious internal conditions and diseases that smoking can cause, many are less informed about the serious skin issues. Quitting smoking improves your skin by reducing the chances of these conditions, while also improving your skin’s wound healing abilities :

  • Reduced Risk of Skin Cancer
  • Reduced Risk of Psoriasis
  • Reduced Risk of Acne Inversa
  • Reduced Risk of Vasculitis
  • Reduced Risk Telangiectasia

Quit Smoking Today for Skin Improvement

For many people, one of the biggest motivators for quitting is improving the way they look. When you put down that cigarette for good, you can expect your skin to recover, although some of the damage will be permanent. However, if you quit today, the damaged caused by smoking stops today, and slowly, your skin can begin to repair itself.

Beyond your skin, your overall health can begin to feel the benefits of stopping smoking within just 20 minutes of that final cigarette.

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking — Skin Improvement and Ageing

When it comes to ageing, smoking has a big part to play in making you look old before your time. As a result, quitting smoking is both great for your overall health, and your appearance . Learn how smoking affects your skin and how it can recover.


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