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We know it can seem a little overwhelming when you’re thinking about quitting smoking, that’s why we support you from the get-go with all the help, advice and products you need to succeed.


What is in a cigarette?

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, but do you know why? Learn what is in a cigarette and how harmful cigarette ingredients can impact your body.

Preparing to quit

Side Effects of Stopping Smoking

Learn about the main side effects of quitting smoking and how you can beat the cravings and mitigate their effect.

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10 UK Smoking Facts to Help You Quit

Read our top ten smoking facts designed to help you quit for good and prepare a stop smoking plan today.

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Don’t Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Learn about giving up smoking cold turkey and why getting support gives you a better chance of quitting for good.


How to Sleep Better After Quitting Smoking

Does quitting smoking make you tired? Learn about the link between smoking and your sleep cycle and how to manage insomnia when you stop smoking.

Preparing to quit

What Happens to Your Body After You Stop Smoking?

When you quit smoking, you'll experience nicotine withdrawals as well as health improvements. Here, we dive into what happens to your body when you quit smoking and the impact this will have on you.

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Kealey quit smoking with NiQuitin
I quit for myself and couldn’t be prouder
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Samantha quit smoking with NiQuitin
Since I quit smoking, I enjoy a healthier me
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Paul quit smoking with NiQuitin
I can now enjoy a smoke free life with my family
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How to Stop Smoking: Learn How to Quit Forever!

How to Stop Smoking: Learn How to Quit Forever!

Whether it’s your first attempt or you’ve quit smoking before and relapsed, there’s no escaping the fact that it can be a difficult thing to do. After all, your body has become accustomed to the nicotine, and your ...

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