Managing your cravings can be difficult but NiQuitin can help make it easier whether you want to quit one day at a time or quit one cigarette at a time.

Committed to quitting?

NiQuitin Patches are clinically proven to double your chances of stopping smoking[1].

What makes them so effective? NiQuitin Patches use unique Smart Control® Technology, rapidly releasing nicotine on application. NiQuitin Patches then provide a continuous delivery throughout the day for 24-hour control -helping to stop nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms before they occur.

No matter how determined you are, we know that the urge to smoke can be hard to resist. That’s why there are NiQuitin Minis Lozenges and NiQuitin Lozenges to provide relief from sudden cravings. Used together with NiQuitin Patches, they offer an unbeatable way of quitting[2].