NiQuitin & British Lung Foundation Take Steps Together

The British Lung Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of the millions of people in the UK living with lung conditions; funding research to prevent, treat and cure lung disease, providing vital support services for those living with a lung condition and campaigning for cleaner air and better services. This summer you can support those with lung conditions by taking part in the British Lung Foundations’ Take Steps Challenge.

Staying on track

How to Manage Cravings When Giving Up Smoking

One of the hardest parts of giving up smoking is managing cravings. Here, we offer advice and guidance to help you handle cravings.


British Lung Foundation and NiQuitin Partner to Tackle Air Pollution

NiQuitin have teamed up with the British Lung Foundation to help raise awareness of the importance of lung health and shine a light on the risks of air pollution. Together, we hope to help the nation breathe easier.

Staying on track

Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms — Get All the Information You Need

Smoking withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant, but if you know what to expect you beat the urge to relapse!


Dealing With Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

The possibility of gaining weight after quitting smoking can be enough to put many off the process altogether. This doesn't need to be the case though, you can stop smoking without gaining weight. Here we explain how.

Staying on track

Quitting Smoking and Depression

we take a look at the causes of depression after quitting smoking, how to manage those symptoms, and a variety of coping techniques designed to help you push through that early discomfort and maintain your commitment to quitting smoking for good

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Stop smoking with NiQuitin

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I'm so proud I gave up smoking for him
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I quit for me, my family and our future
Quitting smoking at New Year changed my life

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